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To all of those who have been faithful customers over the years,
THANK YOU!!!, and please continue reading :​

In November of 2001, I started Signing Hawaii after becoming
a Certified Notary Signing Agent, and later began to provide
inked and later livescan fingerprinting services, as well.  

In 2015, recognizing the dire need for Hawaii Notaries to have
access to training concerning the duties they subscribe an oath to perform but for which they are not required to be educated, I started Honest Hawaii Notaries

With the appearance of COVID-19, because of both my age and that of my husband, along with pre-existing medical conditions that put us at high risk, I suspended fingerprinting services permanently and notary services temporarily.

INKED FINGERPRINTING services and NOTARY services are offered by two ladies who live in the West Oahu Area.  The Link to their information appears


Although I will not be providing fingerprinting or notary services, I will be focusing on the launch of THE HONEST NOTARY Youtube Channel and NOTARY 101, a Hawaii Notary Mentoring program specifically focusing on educating Hawaii Notaries about the Hawaii Notary Laws they MUST know and obey. 

NOTARY 101 covers the 20% of what a Hawaii Notary MUST know to fulfill their DUTY TO ALL PARTIES TO A NOTARIZED TRANSACTION...Hawaii Notary Law.

The larger body of required knowledge (the 80%) is gained individually through self-education, and it is this information about best practices, prudent and knowledgeable notarial practice, done with integrity, diligence, and skill, that is the focus of information provided through THE HONEST NOTARY Youtube Channel.
Press #1 - if you are a: 

NOTARY with a question about a notarization you are being asked to perform,k or, a general question about Hawaii Notary law or best practices, etc., 


a Consumer with a question concerning notarization. 

I am not an attorney and I do not give legal advice but I can point you to the specific law or best practices supported by secondary sources that address your question,

I will answer the phone if at all possible.  You can leave a message and a callback number and I will return your call just as soon as I can. 

Press #3 - if you wish to leave a suggested topic for THE HONEST NOTARY Youtube Q&A Playlist.  I do not answer this line and it is just a way for anyone to leave an anonymous question/suggestion. 


(808)213-0035  (__#)

I receive emails of all messages left for the HHN Hotline​
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