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Credit/debit cards or cash accepted.
No personal checks please. 

SIGNING HAWAII is pleased to refer you to 

Jennifer Campos of

(808) 230-0483
in Ewa Beach

Please call or email
for questions or to schedule an appointment.
Two pieces of I.D. required.  One must be a picture I.D. 
 for out-of-state Employment or Licensing

Fingerprinting for employment or licensing in another state MUST be done on ink fingerprint card(s) rolled and sent to the requesting agency/employer.  

The agency or employer may provide you with cards, or the FD-258, standard FBI fingerprint card, can be provided by 808 Fingerprints Plus at no additional cost to you.

Cost for rolling prints:  $20 per card.

Request direct to the FBI
Total $38 (plus mailing)
13-15 weeks to process: 

To request your background check using this method, you submit a request directly to the FBI, along with at least one recent inked fingerprint card.  Go to the FBI website here to see complete information and instructions on how to submit your request directly to the FBI. 

Once the FBI receives your request, fingerprint card and payment, it will take 11-13 weeks to process your request, after which the results will be mailed to you by USPS.  

Total cost is $38:  $20 for the completed fingerprint card and $18 to the FBI with your request.   The report returned to you is authenticated but is no longer printed on colored, tamper-proof paper by the FBI.  

NOTE:  If you are not a US Citizen, U.S. National, or legal resident, you MUST use Option 1.

Request to FBI through MyFBIReport
 (minimum* Total: $59.95)
Time to receive report after processing is approximately two weeks 

Have one inked card rolled ($20).

Complete and mail your Criminal History Report Request and associated forms, along with your inked fingerprints, and payment ($39.95), to MyFBIReport in California.

Your prints will be processed through the FBI and you should receive your authenticated report, on tamper-proof paper, in approximately two weeks after processing by My FBI Report.

Because your fingerprint card and completed request must be mailed to My FBI Report, Signing Hawaii suggests that you send your request by Priority Mail so you have tracking to confirm receipt of your request by My FBI Report.  

When completing your request, there is also an option available to have your completed report returned to you by Priority Mail, again with tracking, for an additional $14, or by Fedex for an additional $40.  If you select either of these options you will be provided with the return tracking number for your completed report.